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“Fallen Leaves of Faith over Wild Roads” is the third play of PROtegni Raka Travelling Theatre. The initiative was launched in 2012 with the first play “The Little Prince”, followed by “Miracles, Marvels and the Wonderful World of Fairy Tales”. They had over 100 performances on stages in 42 towns across the country, presenting a modern interpretation of popular children’s tales and gaining their young and adult fans. The project involves voluntary participation of employees of ProCredit Bank Bulgaria with big hearts who take the challenge to go on stage in the name of a cause – PROtegni Raka.

With their performance the troupe of amateur actors remind us about the real life values, about the faith in good deeds and the power of success. They do it wholeheartedly and with extraordinary professionalism, in support of children with serious health conditions who come from low-income families or who are orphans. Over 300,000 levs, raised through the first two plays, were donated for treatment of such children, providing therapies, disability aids and operations, which all improved the condition of the little heroes, because childhood shouldn’t be painful. The play “Fallen Leaves of Faith over Wild Roads” is also in support of the PROtegni Raka charity cause.

About the play

“Fallen Leaves of Faith over Wild Roads” skillfully blends three of the eternal stories by Nikolay Haytov: “Roman Clay Pot”, “Roads” and “Test”. The play was specially created for the troupe by Olya Stoyanova, a winner of the Askeer Award for dramaturgy, who has been supporting the PROtegni Raka cause for years. The director, Hristo Cheshmedjiev, also donated his labour and time in support of the charity mission. The bank employees enact on stage the characters of Haytov – those utter believers in justice who cherish in their hearts love and life force.


About us

The actors performing in PROtergni Raka Travelling Theatre are employees of ProCredit Bank Bulgaria, who work in various positions. Some of them participated in the previous two plays, while for others “Fallen Leaves of Faith over Wild Roads” is their first drama challenge. They all participate in the project gratuitously, united by the willingness to help children, who turn to PROtegni Raka Fund for support.


To book invitations call us on telephone *7000 (at the price of a local call) or send an email to: protegniraka@procreditbank.bg

The donated funds will be entirely used for the treatment of disadvantaged children.

You can donate money for the children who turn to PROtegni Raka for help in the following bank accounts:
Account in BGN – BG05PRCB92301007092910
Account in EUR – BG46PRCB92301407092915
PROtegni Raka Non profit Association
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